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Strong Beginnings Information

What is Strong Beginnings?

Strong Beginnings is an assessment period at the beginning of the school year during which teachers gather information about their new students through observations, conversations, learning activities, paper/pencil tasks and student reflections about their own interests and learning.

Strong Beginnings at ÉCVS

Our school will be holding “Strong Beginnings” for all K-4 students on Friday, September 16th and Monday, September 19th.  During these two days, there will be no regularly scheduled classes for all students. Each student will be invited to come to school for a one-hour appointment with the homeroom teacher.  Parents will be expected to drop off their child at the scheduled time and then pick them up at the end of the conference.  In order to accommodate all of our students, a schedule has been set up ahead of time. Students will receive their Strong Beginnings time in the first week of school.

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